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MKMMA Week 7…Clear, Beautiful, Grand…

Visualization is the process of making mental images, and the image is the mold or model which will serve as a pattern from which your future will emerge.

Make the pattern clear and make it beautiful; do not be afraid; make it grand; remember that no limitation can be placed upon you by any one but yourself; you are not limited as to cost or material; draw on the Infinite for your supply, construct it in your imagination; it will have to be there before it will ever appear anywhere else.

Make the image clear and clean-cut, hold it firmly in the mind and you will gradually and constantly bring the thing nearer to you. You can be what “you will to be.”

You can be what you will to be.

You ARE already what you have willed to be also.

What has your will led you to so far? Is it where you want to be? Are you living the life you want to live? Whatever life you have, you have created. If you are not where you want to be, create a new life with your will.

Your habits determine your success. Control your subby, change your habits, change your life.

It seems so simple, and yet so many just don’t do the work to get there, to the place their heart desires. It takes stepping out of your comfort zone and changing your habits, facing your fears, eliminating distractions, and stopping procrastination. What new habit can you use to replace an old habit that is keeping you from making your life clear, beautiful and grand?



Mom, educator, entrepreneur, advocate…create, write, travel and dream. “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” I grew up on a wheat farm in Kansas, playing all the sports and doing all the country girl things. My husband was my college sweetheart, we met in Tennessee, we have three kids, a dog, and a cat…we’re loving life and have made our “home” in South Florida.

3 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 7…Clear, Beautiful, Grand…

  1. So true that it is easy, so why don’t more of us do it…change our habits/thoughts to bring want we want to us! Fear, lack of belief! We MKEers must simply live our best lives to inspire them! 🙂


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