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MKMMA Week 6…In My Honest Opinion…

The knowledge that if we infringe upon the rights of others, we become moral thorns and find ourselves entangled at every turn of the road, should be an indication that success is contingent upon the highest moral ideal, which is “The greatest good to the greatest number.” Aspiration, desire and harmonious relations constantly and persistently maintained will accomplish results. The greatest hindrance is erroneous and fixed ideas.

To be in tune with eternal truth we must possess poise and harmony within. In order to receive intelligence the receiver must be in tune with the transmitter.

Thought is a product of Mind and Mind is creative, but this does not mean that the Universal will change its modus operandi to suit us or our ideas, but it does mean that we can come into harmonious relationship with the Universal, and when we have accomplished this we may ask anything to which we are entitled, and the way will be made plain.

This year…2020…so full of differing opinions and diverging ideas/ideals. According to MKE, the experts are the ones to share opinions…

Infringing upon the rights of others…some focus in on this. But let’s keep going…

“The greatest good to the greatest number.” That is where to focus in order to aspire to greatness, having harmonious relations, putting behind us the erroneous and fixed ideas.

In order to be a self-directed thinker, I must be willing to change my ideas and conceptualizations of what “I” think about something. I must be in tune with eternal truth by possessing poise and harmony within myself. That is a tall order, but definitely one that will bring about the greatest good for myself, which in turn can be shared outward toward others.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.


Mom, educator, entrepreneur, advocate…create, write, travel and dream. “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” I grew up on a wheat farm in Kansas, playing all the sports and doing all the country girl things. My husband was my college sweetheart, we met in Tennessee, we have three kids, a dog, and a cat…we’re loving life and have made our “home” in South Florida.

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